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Real Estate Consultant


I would be more than happy to assist you to direct you to a realtor anywhere in Canada.

In order to find your dream home, a real estate agent has to know as much as possible about your wants and needs. By knowing your needs and criteria, you help the agent select the most appropriate houses for you who can even e-mail you the selection.

However, your dream home remains a dream if you lack the necessary funds or cannot qualify for a mortgage. Please be realistic, and if possible, get a bank pre-approval.

You will also need to know What a Lender Will Need From You.


Selling a home requires skill, knowledge and hard work. It is much more than just putting a For Sale sign on your lawn. The real estate market is extremely dynamic and continually changing, so you need the guidance of a proven agent to represent your individual interests. I can definitely refer you to one in any city in Canada.

A good marketing plan is the key to selling your home fast and at a premium price. As a first step, you should get a free, accurate market evaluation on your home.

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